Manny the Bride towers over all others

The bride is there but the groom is missing. Dressed in a pristine white flowing wedding gown with a tiered skirt, Manny the Bride is one of the star attractions at the 40th Nilgiris Cake Show. The six-and-a-half feet beauty made from rice crispy treats and marshmallows is a sight to behold. The white strapless gown with rose accents and a large bow around the waist perfectly complements Manny’s dusky complexion. A large pink-beaded necklace completes the look.

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A colourful re-creation of the Parliament House will have you awestruck. The large cake measures 22 ft x 22 ft and has been made from sugar, eggs and corn flour. Unlike most of the cakes on show including ‘Manny the Bride’, the Parliament House has not been enclosed in a see-through case making it that much more easier to photograph it.

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Fiercely guarding all the cakes is Toothless the Night Fury and a white tiger 🙂



To celebrate Mangalyaan, India’s successful mission to Mars, the Nilgiris’ bakers have created a cake replica of PSLV C-25:


Cinderella looks oh-so-cute in her pumpkin carriage:


Vying for attention with other cakes are Chota Bheem and his friends and a Snowman:

IMG_6671 IMG_6665

Children would love to play in the Dragon Park:


A church made of biscuits will make you want to eat it:


Like always there is a line-up of pretty wedding cakes:

IMG_6620 IMG_6633 IMG_6654 IMG_6641 IMG_6668 IMG_6669 IMG_6644 IMG_6676 IMG_6683

The cake show is on till the 4th of January. Try not to miss it!


St Joseph Indian High School Grounds

Opp. Kanteerva Stadium

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