Late Post: The allure of cakes

Like many, I have always been besotted by cakes. Although, the cakes being showcased at all the editions of the Nilgiris Cake Show are not exactly something you can sink your teeth into, they somehow attract me like a fly to jam.

It was literally at the eleventh hour that I found time to go the 2015 edition of the show. The cake show had started on the 18th of December and was scheduled to end on 3rd of January. Not really sure whether I had made the right decision to go (it was a weekend), I left home very late in the evening on the 2nd of January with a lot of anticipation.

I didn’t have to wait at the bus stop for long and to add to that I got a seat near the window  :). After a smooth journey, I got off at the Corporation Bus Stop. Since my last visit to the place, Vittal Mallya Road had undergone a makeover (read as changed to a TenderSURE road). A stark contrast to what it was last year when it was dug up for repair.

Unlike what I expected, the venue St Joseph’s Indian School grounds did not appear very crowded. Now this would not have been the story say 10 years back. Looks like Bangaloreans have more options now when it comes to holiday making.

IMG_9828There were lot of ticket counters making it that much quicker to make it to the hall. At the entrance an exuberant Santa was greeting children.



The star attraction at this year’s exhibition was a sugar and cream replica of the Lost City of Atlantis.  Sounded like a place in one of those sci-fi thrillers. Star Wars was playing to packed houses. Could it be a place in Star Wars? How wrong I was! The last thing I expected was a Plato connect! Whoo!!

Check this out:

Wonder how long it took to make the real Atlantis? The cake version took only 75 days with 6 people working on it.


The Smurfs Village looked oh-so-cute with all the teeny-weeny mushroom houses topped with chimneys.


The 5.3-feet replica of former President APJ Abdul Kalam in his signature bandhgalla suit turned out to be a favourite selfie spot for many.


The Tinkle cake inspired by the famous Tinkle comics looked delightful. Stupid boy Suppandi stood out with Doob-Doob, the crocodile, a close second. Tantri, the evil Mantri, was there too! Kalia, the crow, seemed strangely subdued.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa in sugar looked amazing with its intricate detail. The yellow scooter contrasted well with the white shade of the cake.


The Kraken Cake depicting a sinking ship was mind-blowing. Legend has it that Kraken was a sea monster with octopus-like tentacles. Looks like this ship crashed against Kraken. Don’t miss his tentacles:



If Manny the Bride towered over all others at the last edition of the cake show, this year it was the beautiful Butterfly Princess resplendent in a lovely blue ensemble embellished with pretty butterflies. The Butterfly Princess looked so real!


The replica of the Steam Locomotive was out of the world. The dimensions were perfect and had me in awe. The cake pebbles on the side of the track looked so cute!


The ice-cream cake looked so colourful and enticing! I was surprised that it was still standing there at the fag end of the exhibition.



The giraffe in the wild and the pug in front of the kennel looked so real and endeared to one and all. Hugs to the cuties!


And how did the cake makers manage to create these flamingos? No words can describe their talent!


Did you know Action Superheroes are made of marshmallows, rice krispy and sugar dough? Ha ha!! Those three ingredients went into making these toughies.


This one was for the biking aficionados!


It took only one person to make this cake laden with romance!


And to think that nothing in the world can lean more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Well! This leaning cake proved how wrong everyone can be. Wow!


The stack of ornate kettles made for a pretty picture.


And look who is here! Our national animal in his cake avatar!


Not too far from him sitting pretty on a pink mat was an exotic flower vase.


It took one person one month to make this barn. A great work of art!



And there was a wedding cake and a pram too.


A consumer fair at the other end of the venue made sure that visitors at the cake show did not return home empty-handed. The many stalls were selling anything from large electronic appliances to trinkets and what not.