Photo Challenge: Path

via Photo Challenge: Path

Like most years, 2016 turned out to be a path with ups and downs. Here are pictures from a holiday in Coorg some years back:








It’s Raining Pink in Cubbon Park


It’s raining pink in Cubbon Park with the Tabebuia impetiginosa (also called the Pink Trumpet tree) in full bloom.


There is a cluster of these purplish pink beauties near the Corporation side entrance of the park which have bloomed together. They look so pretty that it is difficult to take your eyes off them.


The Pink Trumpet trees have bloomed very early this time. The last time the trees bloomed was at the end of January.


The pink blooms are drawing droves of visitors and have become a favourite with picnickers, selfie enthusiasts, photographers and tree lovers.


My early morning walk through the park amidst these beautiful trees made my day.




Weekly Photo Challenge: “Quest”

A few years back when on a visit to the zoo at Mysore, I landed up taking one bad picture after another. My companion those days was an analogue camera which had a lot of limitations especially when it came to taking pictures of distant subjects. Things however took a turn when I reached the rhino enclosure. This dear chap was grazing near the periphery of the enclosure which made it easier to capture him. At the end of the trip, this was the only nice picture I had. I was mighty pleased that my quest for a good picture wasn’t so bad after all.


Weekly Photo Challenge: “Rare”

At a folk arts festival, I had this rare opportunity of witnessing a group of boys, dressed as girls, performing the Odissi dance, a classical dance form of India. I didn’t realise they were boys till someone told me!


At another event, I had another rare opportunity of witnessing a male dancer dressed as a woman perform Kathakali, another classical dance form of India: