Book Review: Summer Moonshine

summer Moonshine

‘Summer Moonshine’ is a delectable cocktail of humour, love, confusion and funny characters. Like any other PG Wodehouse novel, this one too will have you chuckling every now and then.

At the centre of the laugh riot are the Vanringham brothers Tubby and Joe. Tubby who is slightly on the heavier side falls in and out of love often while fit-as-a-fiddle Joe is a combination of intelligence and humour. Then there is their obnoxious stepmom Princess Von und zu Dwornitzchek who as Joe aptly describes is “the sand in Civilization’s spinach”. The wealthy heiress is engaged to marry Adrian Peake who is young enough to be her son and unknown to her is also engaged to young Jane Abott. The girls who the brothers are in love with are a study in contrast. Joe is smitten by the tomboyish Jane Abott and Tubby is in and out of love with Prudence Whittaker who has a very funny way of pronouncing words and is the secretary of  Jane’s father Sir Buckstone Abott. Baronet Sir Buckstone Abott is near bankrupt and managing to keep the wolf from the door by renting out rooms in his country house Walsingford Hall to paying guests. Princess Dwornitzchek is all set to relieve the poor baronet of bankruptcy by buying Walsingford Hall. Giving the poor Sir Buckstone Abott a run for his money is his brother-in-law Samuel Bulpitt who is a plasterer with a soft spot for lovers.

Do the Vanringham brothers succeed in marrying the women they love? Does Sir Buckstone Abott manage to get Walsingford Hall off his back? Grab a copy and find out.


“Although her voice had been audible through the woodwork, it had, of course, been impossible for Mr Bulpitt to watch the play of expression on the face of his visitor during this conversation. Had he been able to do so, he would have observed that his request that she purloin clothes belonging to Sir Buckstone Abott had not been well received by Miss Whittaker. Her eyebrows had risen and she had pursed her lips. A well-trained secretary does not rifle her employer’s wardrobe, and the suggestion had frankly shocked the girl.”