A place for cat lovers!


A visit to the sprawling Magazines book store on Church Street is bound to take a first-time visitor by surprise. Just as you stand there awestruck looking at the sea of books and magazines, from right under your nose you will hear a “Meoww”. And no you are not dreaming. There is a cat at your feet begging for attention. If you look around you will see another cat and when you walk around you will see many more. The owners of the store are cat aficionados and the store has around a dozen or more of them.


The place is well-lit and has a very pleasant ambience. You can browse through magazines and books for as long as you want and you can pet the felines (all of them Persian cats) also for as long as you want. If you wish you can also take pictures of the furry fellas and pose with them for pictures.


The cats have a large fan club. There is a page on Facebook dedicated to them. Check this out:


Though visitors to the place are mostly cat lovers, the place also attracts a lot of bibliophiles. And in case you don’t love cats or have cat phobia, no worries! The cats will leave you alone.


For those of you who wish to visit the store, happy browsing and most importantly happy cuddling! Meoww


B-04, Prestige RR,
55, Church Street,
Bangalore – 560001