Weekly Photo Challenge: “Bridge”

I love Japanese bridges. They add so much beauty to a landscape.


They are also called garden or landscape bridges.

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A lovely February afternoon at Lal Bagh – II

Like last year I made the most of a lovely February afternoon at Lal Bagh. The month of love is an apt time to celebrate the trees and greenery in one of the Garden City’s most beautiful spots.


The day being a festival day (the Hindu festival of Shivarathri) there were more visitors than usual. There were a lot of children picnicking with their doting parents.


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I first headed to the parking lot to catch a glimpse of the purple blooms of the Moulmein Rosewood trees and the pink blooms of the Mother of Cocoa trees. The trees in full bloom looked as gorgeous as they looked last year.


Young boys making merry under a tamarind tree revived childhood memories of holidays spent under tamarind trees at my ancestral home in Kerala. While my cousins relished the raw fruits I found it difficult to even sink my teeth into them. The sourness would make me squeal and jump.


This little fella was running around restlessly probably searching for food.

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February also happens to be leaf-shedding time for many trees. Here and there I was welcomed with a shower of dry leaves. How much I enjoyed it. And the calls of barbets were there everywhere.


I couldn’t figure out why this man chose to rest under a leafless tree that too when it was so sunny.

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The canopies of some trees reached for the skies.


Some of the statuettes used at the recent flower shows had made their way to the Seed Testing Laboratory.

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There are quite a few White Silk Cotton trees in Lal Bagh. This one stands tall near the Seed Testing Laboratory. Don’t miss the amazingly broad trunk.


Very close to the majestic tree I spotted the remains of what was once a beautiful tree.

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The shady grove and a dry leaf bin turned out to be a perfect place for some dogs to relax.

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This Japanese bridge added to the beauty of the landscape. The pond adjacent to it was littered with dry leaves, tamarind fruit, wisps and green matter.

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Besides being home to an endless variety of trees and plants, Lal Bagh also has several vintage buildings which house offices and labs of the horticultural department.

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The sacred Baelfruit tree had photos of deities all around it.  And someone had placed a tiny idol of Goddess Lakshmi in between the branches.

I was awestruck by the beauty of this palm tree especially its trunk. There were a lot of trees growing out from its trunk one of which was unmistakably the Peepal.


I found it hard to take my eyes off this amazing variety of trees.


I noticed this large nest among a cluster of bamboos.


The crows of Lal Bagh are a friendly lot. They allow you to photograph them from close quarters.


And after the sun went home, I decided to leave for my home with memories of yet another enchanting time at my favourite place in Bangalore.