Lifestyle tips for office employees

If you think heavy workload at office, unending work at home, and crazy traffic (not necessarily in that order) are taking a toll of your health, relax! How about squeezing in these lifestyle tips into your daily grind.

1. Always take mini-breaks
Leonardo da Vinci is believed to have taken little power naps now and then during the course of his punishing daily schedule. Each little nap rejuvenated him.  You could take a leaf from Da Vinci’s book and take little power naps during your work days. It could be as simple as closing your eyes for 5 minutes 4 times a day. As an alternative you could also take a small walk or have a cup of tea at the cafeteria.


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Caveat: Watch out! Power naps could get you in serious trouble in some offices.

2. Do not stare at the screen for too long
Sitting glued to your chair and staring at the screen for hours together could affect your eyesight and lead to backache.  Utilise your mini-breaks to break away from the monotony of having to stare at your screen for too long. Now and then, rinse your eyes with water.



3. Try taking the stairs as far as possible
For those of you who hardly find the time to exercise, this could be a teeny-weeny workout. Taking the stairs or better still racing up the stairs instead of taking the lift revs you up. This is especially true if you are feeling sleepy.


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4.  Become a chair exercise junkie
Avoid the possibility of getting a backache. Indulge in chair exercises. Look up the Internet and become a chair exercise junkie. At any cost, avoid a bad posture when working.



5. Indulge in small ‘laughathons’
If you are feeling low and down in the dumps, try jogging your memory back and soak into some memorable events in your life. Or else have a joke book handy at your workstation. You could even paste great jokes or quotes on your pin-up board. Laugh out your stress.

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6. Never skip lunch
Never skip lunch or go hungry for long periods. Unknown to you, you could be opening up a Pandora’s box.  You must have all heard “Health is Wealth”.


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7. Wear comfortable clothes
The more comfortable your clothes the more comfortable will you be at work. Tight clothes which are tearing at their seams will hinder your concentration and bring down your performance.  Tight or ill-fitting clothes are also a health hazard.

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8. Be happy
Begin your day on a happy note and remain happy throughout the day. Negative thoughts are a no-no. Spank them out of your mind in whatever way you can. Negative thoughts only land up ruining your day.


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9. Ensure your workstation is well-lit
A badly lit workplace will in all probability hurt your eyes. Ensure that sufficient light is falling on your table from behind you. Avoid working in darkness.


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10. Ensure the A/c is not too strong
If your workplace has become an Antarctica watch out! You are neither a penguin nor a polar bear and your colleagues aren’t too. Either cover yourself in layers of clothing like an Eskimo or collectively take up the issue with the concerned department.


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10 Kinds of Office Employees

This is just a tongue-in-cheek piece with no offence meant to any kind of employee.

Every company has different kinds of employees. Here I have listed 10 such kinds. You may belong to one or more of these kinds.

1. The Punctual Ones aka the Office Gandhis
They are always at office on the dot even if there is an earthquake or thunderstorm. The Punctual Ones swipe into office at the slated time even as the Late Lateefs have their first bite of breakfast.

Some extreme cases swipe in before sunrise.

Gandhi new

2. The Late Lateefs aka the Dare Devils
They are the office dare devils. The Late Lateefs are always late even if there is a time-bomb ticking in office to decimate late-comers or a monster waiting to gobble them up. Most of them have forgotten the existence of clocks, and they have an incredible number of reasons for coming late:

(1) Traffic jam!!!
(2)Auto driver said he was taking a short route but it turned out to be longer than the long route.
(3) My dog caught my pants and wouldn’t let me go.
(4) Remembered it was my wife’s birthday at the last minute.
(5) Had to go to the bank.
(6) Barber cut my hair too short. Spent a lot of time brooding.
(7) Absentmindedly drove to my old office.
(8) Realised only in the morning that my son hadn’t finished his homework.
blah blah and blah blah


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The boss speaks

This is a speech by Mr. Always_on_the_Go, the CEO of Parivarthan Inc. [an imaginary company]

My dear friends and colleagues. In a little more than a month, the year 2013 will draw to a close and we will be welcoming the New Year. While I wouldn’t say we had a bad 2013, I definitely feel we can do much better than this. So let each one of us put in that extra bit more and in that way cumulatively work towards achieving better results in the future.

Some months back on a long flight back home, I happened to have a copy of ‘Fish!’, an American business best-seller, which I bought from an airport stall. This little book with a catchy cover is a little more than a 100 pages. I confess I was bowled over by the colourful cover, the title and the catch-line, “Work made fun gets done”. To tell you in a gist what the book is about let me quote one of the authors, Ken Blanchard:

“I think this is a marvellous book. The story of the world famous Pike Place Fish market is fantastic. But this book is not just about selling fish; it’s a love story that can happen in your organisation too.”

I highly recommend this book to each one of you. The language is simple and therefore easy to comprehend and offers a lot a wisdom on how best to tackle problems at a workplace and be more productive.

It is after reading this book, that I was inspired to draft “Way To Go”, which are ways that could improve our productivity and achieve great success.

1. Work made fun gets done

This first in this list is from one of my favourite chapters in ‘Fish!’ which is “Choose Your Attitude”. This chapter very eloquently reinforces the catch-line of the book, “Work made fun gets done”.

The chapter starts with these words:

“There is always a choice about
the way you do your work,
even if there is not
a choice about the work itself.”

The authors beautifully elaborate on these words with an anecdote through Lonnie, a fish guy at the Pike Place Fish Market. Lonnie’s grand-mom always brought love and smile to her work. All her grandchildren including Lonnie loved helping her wash the dishes because working with her was so much fun. With the help of her grandchildren, Lonnie’s grandmother managed to get the dishes done that much more quickly. Dishwashing as everyone knows is a mundane task but the old lady brought a lot of love into the task and her spirit was infectious.

What I learnt from this anecdote:  A leader of any team should be able to instill in his or her team the same kind of joy and effervescence as the old lady brought into dishwashing and in the process make work and the workplace more enjoyable. Also work has to be delegated effectively.

2. Discipline is paramount

Discipline plays a significant role in the success of an individual or business. And when I say discipline, it means in every aspect of a job. Every employee should give his or her best to any job that is assigned to them. Avoid being late and taking leave as much as possible. If you are sick try to crawl to office (of course exceptions apply). Awaken the creative side of you and when you conceive an idea, work on it and leave no stone unturned till you get results. Always finish a task in hand before taking up another and more importantly stick to deadlines.

3. Building relationships

In a team setup, it goes without saying that a healthy rapport needs to exist between individual team members. And since everyone needs to work in tandem, personal differences if any should be cast aside. And in case your job requires you to interact with clients hone your public relation skills and exploit them to the maximum. Make good use of the Internet by using social-media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote the company business.

4. Delegate work effectively

For a project to be successfully implemented, every team leader should ensure that the work is equally distributed and monitor the workflow at periodic intervals. Over here, the team leader should refrain from micromanaging. Micromanaging would lead to irritating employees and loss of trust. A good idea would be to have in place a written work distribution plan and schedule. Employees on their part could maintain a daily to-do list and tick off each task once it is completed. Daily tasks can also be prioritised so that at the end of the day important ones are not left out.

5. Keep an eye on competitors

For any company to succeed it is important to keep an eye on competition and competitors. We need to be on par if not ahead of our competitors. If need be, business needs to be re-invented if not re-charged so that we don’t fall back in the rat race.

So my dear employees, I won’t take any more of your time. Get going! Cheers! Do not forget to have a copy of “Way To Go” pasted on your workstation.