Weekly Photo Challenge: “Windows”

My entry for this week’s photo challenge would be this picture of a window at Lymond House, Ooty offering a very romantic view of the garden. This was almost four years back and I relish memories of my stay here.




Weekly Photo Challenge: “Elemental”

These pictures of a crow and dog lapping up water from tiny water ponds was taken on a hot summer day. Small holes like these which get filled with water when the water sprinklers get turned on are the only respite for animals in a park and double up as nature’s water containers.  I posted these pictures because they have three elements of nature – earth, water and of course air. They don’t have the fourth element that is fire but the air was almost as hot as fire.



Lal Bagh Flower Show – August 2017



After a gap of two years, I visited an edition of the famous Lal Bagh Flower Show on the inaugural day. Although, it may not sound a good idea to visit any event on the inaugural day, there are certain factors on the first day of this show that weighs in its favour. For one, the flowers are very fresh. Also, a visit by a VIP (read as the Chief Guest and his coterie) drives the organisers to take extra care with the arrangements. Not a single stone will be left unturned by the people behind the show who I am sure work round the clock as the big day approaches. I also noticed that on the inaugural day of the floral soiree, a lot of flowering plants are kept surrounding The Glass House, the central venue of the show. On the remaining days, these plants are pushed to other parts of the gardens. In other words, a greater visual treat awaits visitors on Day 1.




I was happy that I got the whole day for myself this time unlike during the Republic Day show where I had only half a day and had to rush to office in the second half. The Chief Guest for this show was the Governor of Karnataka Vajubhai Vala. I arrived much before the Governor and utilised the time in exploring all the floral beauty that was there to see around The Glass House.

lal bagh mobile

A peep into The Glass House revealed portions of the special attraction of the show, a gorgeous replica of the house of Kannada poet laureate Kuppalli Venkatappa Puttappa simply called KuVemPu. A whopping 3.5 lakh roses went into decorating the 21-feet replica.



A restless crowd waited with bated breath to be let in to The Glass House. The police kept pushing them away as the Chief Guest had to first inaugurate and finish his round of the show before they could be allowed. When the guest arrived in a high-end SUV, many rushed toward it to have a look at the VIP. I stood on my toes and strained my neck to have a look too but I couldn’t catch a glimpse of him.

There were too many security personnel around him but yes I had a good look at the sleek car and its chauffer who was definitely on cloud nine what with so many people gazing at him.

IMG_5389 (2)












The replica of the final resting place of the poet.




The Governor finished his walk through the show very quickly and in no time I was inside The Glass House. Needless to say, the floral replica of Kuvempu’s house looked stunning. In front of the house seated on a chair was a life-size sculpture of the poet. The depiction was nothing short of perfect. A lot of his works adorned the venue and also scenes from many of his plays. There was also a stone-like representation of his final resting place. Selfie enthusiasts were having a field day and every now and then I had to dodge past visitors, photographers, cops and selfie lovers.



Replica of the Jog Falls


Among the attractions was a re-creation of the Jog Falls.


Vying for attention with the many attractions were the umpteen varieties of flowers. Phlox were there all over and many varieties of them. Roses of course were the show stealers. The colours were a treat to the eyes.

Lal bagh doll house

There were a lot of colourful displays outside the Glass House too like this cute doll house.



An ornate state government stall which looked so much like Tipu’s Summer Palace had been put up not far away from The Glass House and was attracting a fair number of visitors. At the centre of the stall was a replica of the watch tower with Kempegowda’s statue in front of it. On entering it, I noticed a man entertaining children with a kaleidoscope. The model of the palace in turn had other models showcased in it, among them were a farmer with a pair of oxen, a family having food, and a school.


I ended my day with a stroll around the many stalls selling myriad things like flowering plants, seeds, bags, condiments, toys, fruits, books, garden utilities, apparel and more. And yes, I went in and out of the many temporary nurseries that had mushroomed around the gardens just for the flower show.