A New Year’s Eve Well Spent But ..

I had been attending the Nilgiris’ Cake Exhibition religiously every year since the last four years. So I decided I will not to give this year’s exhibition a miss at any cost. I could not make it to the show during the long Christmas weekend so I chose to go during the long New Year weekend instead.

The Tabebuia Impetiginosa were in bloom around the city. There are plenty of them at Cubbon Park. Cubbon Park is just a stone’s throw from St Joseph’s Indian High School, the venue of the cake show. So I decided to follow the visit to the cake show with a walk through the Tabebuia blooms. At the end of the day I decided to do a round of window shopping at Commercial Street and if possible some photography there too.


I arrived at the cake show a little past 3pm. A peek into the venue revealed a large holiday crowd most of whom were dressed to the nines. Like every year, the “Photography Strictly Prohibited” banners were put up at every nook and corner of the exhibition. But then I had always managed to click despite these warnings. However, things didn’t turn out to be so cool this time. Even as I focussed on the Gateway of India creation in sugar and cream, a bouncer came running towards me and asked me to stop shooting. But the moment he turned his back I clicked a picture of the oh-so-cute Giant Pandas, only to be warned again this time by a security guard. A lot of people didn’t pay heed to the bouncers and security guards so I continued clicking. But sadly, I had to race past the exhibits and click fast to avoid catching the attention of the bouncers. As a result, I missed taking pictures of a few.



The Gateway of India turned out to be the cynosure of attention and a favourite with selfie enthusiasts with the Giant Pandas a close second.


Another cake which grabbed eyeballs was the one of Virushka. The cake avatar of the Indian cricket captain and his actress wife did not quite match their real-life looks but nevertheless was a commendable work of art.


I had to strain my feet to click a picture of a mermaid.


There was a representation of the stock market bear and bull too!


The minions in their cake form simply wowed.



It was hard to miss this cake of a princess in front of a dressing table and another of a princess in a palanquin.





There was Kannada matinee idol Dr Rajkumar too in his cake avatar and the oh-so-cute angry birds.


Owing to the presence of too many security personnel and bouncers, I made a quick exit from the cake show and joined other visitors as they made a beeline to the Consumer Fair being held adjacent to the cake show. There was nothing interesting here for me and I left the fair with a couple of trinkets.

Cubbon Park was a five minute walk from the cake show venue. In no time, I was inside the gates of the park. Like at the cake show, there were many visitors at the park.


A large nest caught my eye first. I wish I knew whose nest it is. Next was a canopy of a rain tree. The canopies of rain trees are always a delight to photograph.


As I approached the Tabebuia Impetiginosa trees, I noticed huge crowds around them. There were selfie enthusiasts too who were sadly vandalising the blooms. A group of vendors selling colourful balls added to the colour riot. The ball sellers were doing brisk business. Alongside the balls, the vendors were selling bubble makers too. As I walked through all the colour and noise, I felt intoxicated with happiness. It was a heavenly feeling to be in the midst of this joyful atmosphere.






IMG_6399 (2)


A  lot of vendors were sitting on the pavements of the park and were happily selling their ware.


As dusk fell, I started walking out of the park. Keeping in mind the untoward incidents that happened on New Year Eve the last year, this year there were a whole lot of platoons of cops and citizen security personnel around the place some of them with trained dogs.

I caught an auto to Commercial Street to experience the New Year celebrations at the busy shopping hub. I was joined by my friend Kannika and her daughter. We had such a good time shopping and eating that we didn’t feel like leaving the place. It was a little past 9pm when we bid goodbye and parted.

On my way home I reminisced about the good time that I had at the park and then shopping. It has been quite some time that I had been out with a friend and I was very happy. Even as I wished that I have more such days in the coming year, I got to know that the condition of a close one is pretty bad and that shocked me no end. All of a sudden, my world crashed!




Weekly Photo Challenge: “2017 Favorites”

Among my favorite pictures that I clicked in 2017 I would pick this one of a mother monkey grooming her child. This was clicked on a lovely February afternoon. I was strolling through Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens in quest of that one picture that would make my day when I came across a group of monkeys. I went on a clicking spree. Among the pictures that I took that afternoon, this one touched me most because it symbolises mother’s love.

IMG_4158 (2)


An Evening At The Beach

An unexpected trip to Mangalore during the long Diwali weekend led me to discover the Tannirbhavi Beach whose existence I never knew of till recently.

I was staying at my uncle’s place at the heart of Mangalore city. When I had a Sunday evening all for myself, I thought of visiting the Panambur Beach. It was then that my cousin suggested to me, “Why Panambur? Tannirbhavi is closer!” As I had never heard of this beach, I thought for myself why not.

Around 4.30pm on a balmy Sunday evening, I set off to Tannirbhavi Beach. I had just started walking towards the main road when I heard the sound of an approaching auto. I flagged down the auto and asked the driver to take me to Tannirbhavi Beach. The driver gave me a quizzical look and asked me why I had come looking for an auto in the direction I was walking when I actually had to walk in the opposite direction. In a surprised tone, I told him that I thought I was on the right track. He went on to add that going all the way to Tannirbhavi would cost me 300 bucks. I said, “What!! I thought it was close by?” Before I could say more he suggested that I go by auto till Sultan Battery and board a ferry from there which is what most tourists do.  This got me thinking. I had never travelled by a ferry. I had seen ferries only in Malayalam and in Bollywood movies set in a Bengali milieu.  Would it be wise to travel in one when I had a time crunch as I had to board a bus back  to Bangalore at 9pm? I was asked by my folks to finish my trip and be back by 7.30pm and it was almost 5pm. I contemplated going back home when the auto driver re-assured me, “Madam, there will be plenty of tourists going to Thannirbhavi. You will not face problems.” Encouraged by his words I agreed to his idea and told him to drop me at Sultan Battery.

The drive to Sultan Battery turned out to be shorter than I imagined. And the auto driver was right. I saw a lot of holiday makers scattered all over the large expanse of land in front of me. As I alighted from the auto, I spotted a raised ramp with a staircase leading to the top of it. As soon as I paid off my auto fare, I raced to the ramp. The auto driver called out to me and told me that I had to board the ferry from the opposite end. I replied saying that I wanted to check out the ramp first and I would go board the ferry later.

It turned out that the ramp was a watch tower built by Tippu Sultan to look out for English invaders during his time. In all my eagerness to get on top of the tower, I forgot to take a picture of it. The only picture I took of the tower was that of its staircase. The top of the tower turned out be some sort of a lovers’ meeting point. There were so many of them. Not surprisingly, I got funny stares when I walked towards the parapet of the tower. A vast expanse of a water body which I later learnt is the Gurupura river greeted me as I stood near the wall. I went click click click. Embarassed as I was by the presence of numerous couples around me  and not wanting to stay there any longer, I made a quick exit and raced down the stairs and walked in the direction of the ferry stand.


The Gurupura river as seen from the watch tower.


The flight of stairs of the watch tower.

At the ferry stand, I discovered that over there rules were a joke. People were stretching out their hands in all directions to get a ticket. Try as much as I could, I could not buy a ticket. People were pushing and shoving each other and I began to feel helpless and suffocated. It took me a good ten minutes before I finally got one. The ferry fare was just INR 5.

I joined a serpentine queue of people waiting to board the ferry. Luckily, people were following queue rules here. A ferry had just left the stand and made for a good click. I had to use my smartphone as I hardly had space to reach out for my camera. Another ferry arrived but I could not board it as I way behind in the queue.


It wasn’t long before I spotted a very large and ornate ferry slowly make its way to the ferry stand. Unlike the earlier one, this one was extremely spacious and the seats aesthetically placed. Thanks to its large size, at least a hundred people including me got into it. I grabbed a most comfortable seat on the border and unzipped my bag to take out my camera. As the beautiful vessel moved I managed to take some pictures including one of a small freight vessel. A lot of people were taking selfies and groupfies. The air was vibrant with excitement. There were a lot of children among the passengers.



IMG_5849 (2)

IMG_5860 (2)


IMG_5862 (2)

IMG_5863 (2)

IMG_5865 (2)

IMG_5867 (2)

A turn here and a turn there and we were at the Tannirbhavi Beach. After alighting, I joined the large brigade of tourists and holiday makers walking towards the beach. En route I noticed a church with a wide courtyard and stopped to take a picture.

IMG_5868 (2)

IMG_5870 (2)

In no time, the beautiful Tannirbhavi beach and the Arabian Sea were in front of me. The sun had not set. I felt so happy and kept taking pictures of sun-ny boy as he began setting. The beach was filled with visitors and the air was drowned in noises of all sorts. Children were running across, many were flying kites, a man was offering rides on a horse and the shore was dotted with stalls selling all sorts of foods, toys, and what not.

IMG_5895 (2)

IMG_5898 (2)

IMG_5899 (2)

IMG_5901 (2)

IMG_5904 (2)

IMG_5905 (2)

IMG_5909 (2)

IMG_5915 (2)

Unlike at Panambur Beach last year, this year at Tannirbhavi my picture of the sun setting turned out to be better thanks to less clouds. Here’s the best of the lot:


And unlike at Panambur  Beach last year, when I had a  Nokia 2300, this time I had a Google Pixel. I was all too excited to update my status on Facebook. Ha ha. This was one of the rare occasions I got to travel and I made the most of it offline and online.

As the evening wore on and the sun had completely set I looked at my watch and realised that I had to rush. As I paced up the beach I looked at all the food stalls. The one selling diced raw mangoes tossed in salt and chilli powder made me stop. I love raw mangoes and couldn’t help buying a cupful. The stuff was yummy with just the right proportion of ingredients and melted in my mouth. If it weren’t for the time crunch I would have had more of the stuff. The picture of the mangoes got more likes on Facebook than the sunset at the beach.


It was quite dark as I walked towards the ferry stand and yes there was a long queue. The same ferry on which I travelled to the beach arrived at the ferry stand and “yay” I was able to get in and grab the same seat that I sat on earlier.

A turn here and a turn there and I was at the same point that I first boarded the ferry.  It was quite dark and I made a brief stop to glance at a chariot on a raised platform. I could not figure out what it was all about.


I walked to the auto stand only to realise that there wasn’t a single one in sight. I walked towards a lone bus only to get off as soon as I got in because it was headed for a different place.

I  checked my phone to see if I could book a cab and to my relief I got one in no time. The journey to home was quick and all night in the bus to Bangalore memories of the beach and the mangoes lingered.





Weekly Photo Challenge: “Elemental”

These pictures of a crow and dog lapping up water from tiny water ponds was taken on a hot summer day. Small holes like these which get filled with water when the water sprinklers get turned on are the only respite for animals in a park and double up as nature’s water containers.  I posted these pictures because they have three elements of nature – earth, water and of course air. They don’t have the fourth element that is fire but the air was almost as hot as fire.