The pink blooms in all their glory


The lovely blooms of the Tabebuia impetiginosa are all over the Garden City.  This year, I had to forego my annual visit to Cubbon Park to the little island where there is a cluster of these beautiful trees. The Tabebuia impetiginosa blooms in Cubbon Park are simply breathtaking because of the presence of a greater number of these trees in the park. This year, I am tied up with so many things that I am unable to find time for a visit. To add to that, I am under the weather with a bad throat and a bad cough.


However, a visit to my father’s office post-Christmas offered a pleasant surprise. There were so many of these blooms around the office campus and the living quarters. The view was enchanting. This is the same place where I once stayed. The trees are in the vicinity of my childhood home.



The colour the sweet air and the clean surroundings took me back to those fun-filled childhood days when all I saw was green, green and more green. That was when Bangalore was a Garden City in every sense of the word and was covered with trees and plants of myriad hues.



I went on a clicking spree but this time it was with my mobile as  I was not carrying my DSLR with me. My favourite sight turned out to be this one with an anthill. Anthills which were a common sight in the 1970s and 1980s can hardly be seen these days. Where have all the ants gone?


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