Obit – My Father


A little over a year, there have been twin tragedies at home. First, it was my brother who lost his battle with the big C. And now, fate has cruelly snatched away my father from me. After battling for his life for one week in the ICU following a bathroom accident, he passed away early morning on Wednesday. Even a few hours before his death he had his favourite, a radio, beside him. It was still on when the medical staff handed it over to me when leaving the hospital. His last words to me were, “Eat well, child, and look after your mother” and then he followed that with “I am too tired, let me sleep”. Did he foresee his death?

The loss of a patriarch creates a huge vacuum, difficult to fill and difficult to overcome. A stickler for punctuality, my father led a disciplined life and was never late to his office even on a single day during his entire work life; and he never missed his eight hours of sleep. We never really cared to set the alarm as he was always there to wake us up.  Now that he is not around, things are not going to be the same anymore.

My father on his last day at office (Jan 18, 1998)

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