Movie Review: The Lion King


Cute, adorable, innocent, astonishing multiplied innumerable times is what would best describe Baby Simba as he makes his appearance on the screen in ‘The Lion King’. As if that overload of cuteness is not enough, Simba makes you want to have him in your arms as he tosses around in his mom Sarabi’s arms. Dad Mufasa is as majestic as his son is cute. The ideal copybook lion! Mufasa is handsome to the core with a magnificent mane and a classic roar that would bring life to a halt.

Mufasa is a great dad and Simba quite a brat! The equation between the father and son is great. The twosome makes such an adorable duo. Alas! Villains and cheats abound in the animal kingdom too. Simba’s Uncle Scar and his sidekicks, the pack of hyenas, are a testimony to this. There are old faithfuls who would go miles to help out their friends in times of catastrophe. Zazu, the hornbill, is one friend the likes of whom everyone would like to have. Nala and Sarabi turn out to be soul mates extraordinaire to Simba and Mufasa. Their love and affection are boundless!

The jungle is a hostile place, especially for little lion cubs. Predators are lurking everywhere, behind the bushes and rocks, on top of trees, and sometimes in your own midst. Adventurous youngsters like Simba and Nala can prove to be quite a handful to their parents.

The adventure through the African wilderness is a marvellous experience and quite intimidating. The laugh of the hyenas could knock the daylights out of you. Thanks to the great animation and special effects, watching ‘The Lion King’ is one armchair journey you shouldn’t miss. Waste no time! Head to the nearest movie hall, put on those 3D/4D glasses and make the best of the next two hours.