Book Review: The Boss Calls The Shots

boss calls the shots


The first-time book by a Kargil War hero is a humorous take on the lighter side of life at military spaces in India. It is a compilation of true-life stories and anecdotes with some drama and humour added to them.
For those unexposed to life in military campuses there are surprises galore. For one, life here is colourful and not pedantic that most of us imagine it to be. As expected, fitness is an important keyword in some of the stories. If you thought bulging bellies are non-existent in army ranks you couldn’t be more wrong. Unhealthy eating is a malady even amongst army personnel. And believe it or not, sycophancy is at large even in the army. Flattering a boss is a way up the ladder in military ranks just like in government offices and private companies.
To give a romantic twist to the content of the book are a couple of Bollywood-like flings and quickies that could give some a culture shock and make them exclaim, “What!!”
The author has taken great pain not to miss out on minute details. He seems to be blessed with an elephant’s memory and has translated that gift of recollection into a collection of stories that is delightful, well-selected and nicely edited. Look out for South vs. North verbal duels among army wives, top-notch officers and their “gaandus”, and get acquainted with the “Murgah” pose. The book is a quick-read and one of those that can be finished in one sitting. Definitely worth buying and reading!