Letter to my Brother

Dear Brother,

“Those whom the Gods love die young.” Well, those are the only words which give me some consolation (if I can call it consolation) when I sit and brood in the eerie silence that prevails at home ever since you have gone. You were one jolly good fellow and a happy family man till that night of New Year Eve when everything turned upside down. While there were celebrations all round welcoming the New Year, all of us at home were in a state of shock. You fought the deadly cancer that was eating your brain tooth and nail till that dreadful morning of 8 September. Rest in peace my dear brother. Only memories remain. Will always remember the day you bought me the membership of a library when I was sitting at home jobless. Thanks to you, I drowned my sorrows with PG Wodehouse. I won’t forget the day you gifted me a DSLR. I went and I still go berserk with that camera. You helped me so many times when I went broke. And I have lost count of the numerous cat and dog fights that we had. Will miss you loads!




Your sis


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