The Tree of Gold Beckons


The period from the end of February to the middle of March is special to me. It is that time of the year when my favourite tree, The Tree of Gold, blooms. The Tree of Gold or the (Tabebuia argentea) when in full bloom is a spectacle to behold, as if divinity has descended on earth from the heaven above. One of Mother Nature’s most enchanting creations I would say!



With the green cover in the Garden City fast depleting, it is indeed a blessing to see these yellow beauties dotting every road and park in the city. Sadly, the blooms don’t stay long (sigh!). When the flowers fall they leave a lovely yellow carpet. Unlike last year, when I had to make multiple trips to Cubbon Park to catch a glimpse of a fully bloomed tree and after all that missed seeing one, this year I was fortunate to catch the blooms in my first visit itself (yay!).


It was after seeing a fully bloomed Tree of Gold in Jeevan Bhimanagar, that I decided to visit Cubbon Park. I was so glad with my decision! Although my visit to the park on a Thursday morning was a fleeting one (I had to rush to office after that) I took in enough of the yellow. I stayed at the park for more time than I should have and went berserk with my camera. Have a look at some of my yellow shots.


The one hour that I spent at the park was a divine experience so what if I sleep-worked at office (I slept less because I had to wake up early). I left the park happy and I left my office happy with all the yellow lingering in my mind and in my dreams.



Plant more trees and plant more Tabebuia argenteas! We need more of them!



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