Late Post: In Quest of the Tree of Gold – 3

Day 3
10 March 2016

I continued my pursuit of one of my favourite trees the following Thursday. I had to wake up very early and rush to the Park because of the time crunch. I had to go to office after that.

By 8am I was at Cubbon Park. I raced up the road towards the Bandstand. My jaw dropped when I looked towards the Trees of Gold (Tabebuia Argentea). They still hadn’t bloomed fully (sob sob). Or had they bloomed and the flowers fallen off?  After all I was visiting the place after a 3-day gap.  The yellow bed of flowers under the trees had me confused. Anyway, that did not stop me from clicking. Here are some pictures:


There was a bed of purple under the Blue Gulmohr.  The Blue Gulmohr trees bloom at around the same time as the Tree of Gold.


It was breakfast time for these crows and pigeons:


The park is a great place for reading too. Someday, I hope to finish a book from cover to cover in these tranquil surroundings.


A lone Jungle Crow seemed to be pondering over something on a branch of a Camel Foot Tree.


A few steps later, I was greeted by this howling doggie. I guess the sight of some pet dogs at a distance excited him.


Even as the howling fella continued with his act, a couple of House Crows found this miniature stream of water a perfect place to quench their thirst.


Yet again, I disturbed some canines from their slumber.

I was enchanted by the sight of this lovely tree. The leaves looked so fresh.


On these rocks which seemed to be frequented by vandals, one man was exercising his brain while another was resting his.
By now, I had reached the gate of the park. It was time to leave. Hopefully, during my next visit to the park I would get to see the Trees of Gold in full bloom.

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