Late Post: In Quest of the Tree of Gold – 2

Day 2
6 March 2016

I continued my quest for the Tree of Gold (Tabebuia argentea) the following Sunday and headed to Cubbon Park early that morning. Sunday being a no-traffic day at the park, it was not surprising to see a lot of cycling enthusiasts peddling away happily on the shadowed roads of the park.

IMG_0458 (2)

A lot of crows were hopping around in anticipation of their feeders. There are quite a few spots in the park that are used for feeding crows and squirrels.


The newly conceived idea of selling plants, fruits and vegetables in temporary stalls on the pavement seemed to be drawing a lot of buyers. The vegetables looked very fresh and seemed to have come straight from the farm. The aroma of freshness was all around.

IMG_0473 (2)IMG_0474 (2)

Chirps of birds filled the air. As I reached the Bandstand to catch a glimpse of the Tree of Gold I noticed a lot of chairs had been laid out on the lawn. Young Bharatanatyam dancers were getting ready to perform on the Bandstand stage.


And most importantly, the Trees of Gold had not completely bloomed although I could see there were more blooms than on Wednesday.

IMG_0466IMG_0467IMG_0468IMG_0479 (2)

Try as much as I did, I couldn’t get good pictures of the dancers in action in the backdrop of the half- bloomed Trees of Gold.

IMG_0513 (2)

As the morning wore on, it started getting warmer. After watching the dancers for some time, I decided to leave hoping to come back again to see the Trees of Gold in full bloom.

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