Late Post: In Quest of the Tree of Gold – 1

Owing to a lot of reasons, all my posts are getting pretty delayed. Here comes another one on one of my favourite trees, The Tree of Gold (Tabebuia argentea).

These lovely trees bloom completely anytime during the end of February to the end of March. And when they completely bloom, the atmosphere around them is simply speaking surreal. You are intoxicated with the feeling of being in Heaven. I don’t consider my Tree of Gold experience complete without seeing the yellow canopies near the Bandstand at Cubbon Park. There are a clutter of these beauties which bloom together creating a magical yellow effect.

This year, I had to make at least four visits to Cubbon Park with the desire to soak in the magical world of these yellow blooms but was not so lucky. And when I thought I was almost there, the rains played spoilsport (sob sob).

Day 1

2 March 2016

I had seen a Tabebuia argentea in full bloom at Jeevan Bhimanagar and thought of visiting Cubbon Park presuming that the trees at Cubbon Park would have bloomed. It was a lazy Wednesday afternoon when I left office. The roads glistened owing to the strong sunshine. It felt so nice to leave the air-conditioned interiors of my office and be in the sunny outdoors. In no time I was inside a rickshaw and on my way to Cubbon Park.

It didn’t take me long to reach Cubbon Park as it was not the peak hour. On reaching Cubbon Park, I enthusiastically walked towards the Bandstand only to realise that the trees had just started blooming. Far away from the Bandstand I noticed one tree which seemed to be covered in yellow. At this time of the year, that tree had to be a Tabebuia Argentea. Disappointed with what I saw at the Bandstand I made my way towards the yellow blooms which beckoned me from afar.



On a bench there were a lot of grains scattered and a couple of squirrels were gaily hopping around. Portions of the lawns were covered with dry leaves. I crushed a lot of leaves as I walked by.



I also woke up a couple of canines from their slumber. One fella went back to sleep when still standing.


A few steps later I reached the Tree of Gold. It was a tall tree in full bloom and painted a pretty picture.

I did not want to return home so soon and kept wondering what to do next. I thought of visiting Lal Bagh in the hope of spotting some more fully bloomed trees.


And I was off to Lal Bagh. It didn’t take me long to get there thanks to the half-empty roads. On reaching Lal Bagh I was greeted by the sight of this good-looking streetie. Aww….he looked so cute!


These pretty little flowers made for a happy click.


As I walked on, I noticed this lady in front of the shrine busying herself with something. Spreading out her lunch perhaps? It was nice to see the shrine open and the lamps lit even at the hours when the gods are believed to be sleeping.


I caught sight of pretty little flowers again and I went click click click.


The Ashoka trees had also bloomed.

The sight of these Sweet William flowers was a pleasant surprise. Normally, I get to see them only at the Flower shows.


As I walked on I noticed two tall trees of gold chaperoning an arch. They had bloomed though not completely.

I next headed to the nursery and ended my afternoon with some colourful clicks. Have a look:





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