Late Post – A Friday well spent – 3



As I entered Cubbon Park, I noticed this attractive katte. Kattes are platforms around Pipal (also called Bodhi) trees and are usually found in places which were once villages. Was this place a village once upon a time?

Kattes served as meeting places for village folks. The cool breeze that resulted from the gentle swaying of the Pipal tree’s leaves had a therapeutic effect on those who spent their evenings under the tree. During other times of the day they also served as resting places for tired travellers. Kattes also served as places of worship. Almost every katte has a small shrine or shrines. This one has colourful little ones devoted to various deities. Colourful benches around this katte have given the place a contemporary flavour. The idea of the antique lamp posts is a good one and if those lamps are in working condition will give the katte, the much-needed visibility in the night.

Some variations of kattes also have a weekly or daily marketplace around them. A good example is the Doddamavalli Katte near Lal Bagh. Some others have places of learning in the vicinity.

I wish I could get more details of the history of this beautiful katte.

I was happy that I started my walk on this pleasant note.

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A stone’s throw away from the katte, I noticed this crumbling structure which had seen much better days. It looked like some kind of a sit-out. I wondered how old the structure is. How I wish it undergoes the much-needed makeover.






As I walked on I realised there were as many Tabebuia impetiginosa trees as there were in Lal Bagh. It was raining purple (or purplish pink) here too 🙂  making my walk all the more colourful and delightful.


The newly installed lawn sprinklers had created a lot of puddles giving the birds around the area the much-needed respite from the heat.


The wet grass served as a cool relaxing place for the park’s canines.



A few minutes later, I reached the MG Road entrance of Cubbon Park. I was so lost in all the purple that I had not realised I had walked so much. Thus, my Friday ended on that delightful purple note  🙂