Trodding on wet grass

With the last few days having seen a hailstorm, thunderstorm and all sorts of storms visiting a park was the last thing on my mind. For one, I don’t particularly enjoy walking through slush. But my niece was adamant. I had promised her a few days back that I would take her to Cubbon Park the following Saturday or Sunday not knowing that rains would play spoilsport. Also, it is difficult to say “No” to a child especially when she is in the midst of her holidays.

We began early Saturday morning. As expected, the rains that lasted till late last night had rendered the lawns wet and soggy. There were a lot of mini-lakes and ponds. This one was the biggest of them all.


My niece wanted to sketch but all the benches were damp. We kept walking. ‘The Silent Lady of Cubbon Park’ was there with her five Golden Retrievers. There was also a group of fans surrounding her oh-so-adorable dogs including a baby in a pram. How cute can that be 🙂  My niece joined in the fun and had a whale of a time.

IMG_8275 IMG_8277 IMG_8278 IMG_8279 IMG_8266 IMG_8267

We next moved to the pigeon-feeding spot near the rocks. Like always, there were endless pigeon-feeders emptying huge bags of grains. And of course the birds were there in hundreds. Not surprisingly, by the time we left the place there was bird poop on my head.

IMG_8326 IMG_8315 IMG_8314 IMG_8291

At a distance, a rag-picker was on his rounds. He was carrying an incredibly huge sack full of trash.

IMG_8285... IMG_8286...

We settled ourselves on a somewhat dry bench. While my niece immersed herself in sketching and then reading a book, I looked around for possible subjects to capture. Sadly, there weren’t any interesting ones.

As we packed up to leave we noticed a Labrador racing up the lawn. There was no one with him. He appeared to be in distress. We looked around to see if his owner was in sight. One man who we thought was his owner turned out to be a worker in the park. I asked around to see if anyone had any clues about his owner. Sadly, no one had any idea. To make things worse I had left my mobile at home. At least if had got it I would have been able to inform an animal welfare organization. We followed the Lab for some distance. Finally, he rested on a footpath. We sought help from a gentleman walking his dog. Though he had some numbers of some rescue organizations calling them didn’t help. We again sighted the Silent Lady of Cubbon Park. This time she was on her way back home. We approached her to see she could help. To our surprise, she knew the fella quite well. And he responded with a hearty wag of the tail. She gestured that his name is Casper. He happened to be a frequent visitor to the park. His owner leaves him to wander in the park all alone and then picks him up after a period of time. Woof!!! Casper you are a brave-heart! I thanked heavens that I forgot my mobile.


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