Cheewit cheewit … cheewit – III

An unusual silence envelops the bougainvillea tree. All the sunbirds have flown away to (I guess) another neighbourhood. Just the other day, they were prancing about merrily on the branches and the babies were being fed so meticulously by the parents. How much I enjoyed watching them. Wonder why they moved house. Perhaps such moves are characteristic of sunbirds. Sigh!


And what was once the busiest house in the neighbourhood has suddenly been reduced to a pendulum- like-accessory swaying more than ever to the gentle breeze.


But this large spider who has built an enormous web in the vicinity must be one happy fella. If the sunbirds were still around, he would have most probably landed on their dinner plate.

And like all cobwebs, this one is a great work of art. Hats off to you Mr Spider!

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