Around the Tree of Gold

IMG_7770 Being around fully blossomed Trees of Gold is a surreal experience. There is a certain aura of divinity surrounding these lovely trees which makes one not want to leave the place at all. You are intoxicated with the feeling of being in paradise. IMG_7788 IMG_7777 IMG_7781 This year, the Trees of Gold (Tabebuia argentea) have blossomed a tad late heralding summer with grandeur. Like always, the yellow blooms around the Bandstand at Cubbon Park have been drawing visitors, bees, crows and mynas by the droves. IMG_7764

When I went there on a lovely Thursday afternoon, there was so much happening under and around the bright yellow canopies. A lot of folks were having themselves photographed against the splendid yellow background. IMG_7798 Dogs were enjoying their afternoon siesta on beds of yellow flowers and dry leaves. IMG_7837 High on a tree, I noticed a rare scene of affection. A house crow was feeding a jungle crow. Awww… How sweet can that be!

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After a while, a group of people carrying bagfuls of cooked rice started emptying them on the lawns. Many of the canines that were till then relaxing or sleeping on the lawns suddenly flocked to the food. Lots of crows joined in. The rice was distributed evenly to all the critters. Every one of them got enough to eat. One of the men tells me that the mass feeding of critters happens twice a day – in the morning and late in the afternoon – and it is sponsored by Arjun and Sarja, the owners of a hotel in UB City. God bless them! IMG_7835 IMG_7840 IMG_7851

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As the evening wore on and lights turned on it was time to leave. How I wish I could camp at the place the whole night! (Sigh!) IMG_7848 IMG_7865

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