Baa Baa Bakhreena

She is a head-turner in more ways than one. Bakhreena is not just a sheep, she is one lucky gal. The snow-white beauty unlike most of her brood did not land up on someone’s dinner plate instead she landed in the caring arms of animal-lover extraordinaire Andy.


This unusual bond between man and sheep started 6 months back on a highway. When he was travelling near Mandya, Andy happened to see a man with two baby sheep one snow-white and the other black and white. He wanted to sell them. So enamoured was Andy with the snow-white fluff ball that he decided to not only buy her but also keep her as a pet.


On returning to his home at Richmond Town, Andy was chided by his mom for getting a sheep. But he had his way and today Bakhreena all of 9 months is the favourite of all his family members. Why the unusual name Bakhreena? Bakhreena is derived from Bakhri meaning sheep and Katreena, the gorgeous Bollywood heroine.


Andy feeds her kanji (a rice or sometimes semolina preparation), cooked rice, fresh green grass and the like. One day of the week is reserved for a shampoo bath. Now and then he takes her for a walk to Cubbon Park where she is the cynosure of attention. While many get their pet dogs to the park, Andy walks in with his pet sheep. At times, the unconventional pet attracts inquisitive dogs but Andy is quick to shoo away the canines.


The duo is always stopped by curious onlookers many of whom ask to be photographed with Bakhreena. The two of them have got so much used to all the adulation.  Bakhreena could well be the most photographed sheep of her time.


Bakhreena is very loyal to Andy and follows him wherever he goes like Mary’s little lamb. Dogs are loyal but sheep are no less loyal says Andy. During the day she is tethered to a long rope so that she can easily roam the expanses of her master’s courtyard. Baa Baa Bakhreena!

Isn’t this one inspiring man–animal tale? Kudos to Andy! May his tribe increase!

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