A walk down V V Puram


An early morning photo-walk through V V Puram evoked memories of vintage Bangalore famous for its sylvan beauty and laid back lifestyle. Led by ace photographer Vivek Muthuramalingam, the walk, which was part of Neralu, The Bengaluru Tree Festival, started at 7.30am on a lovely Sunday morning when the charming locality was slowly waking up. The broad tree-lined roads skirted by palatial vintage bungalows and buildings, temples and apartment blocks were a treat to walk on. The air smelt sweet thanks to the breeze from the myriad trees.

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I got a start when I saw this dog resting at the centre of the road. I tried shooing him off to the pavement but he wouldn’t budge. A man who came to feed him biscuits tells me that resting at the centre of the road is a habit with this dog. He allayed my fears that the dog may get run over.



Most of us cannot do without two things in the morning – a cup of coffee and and the newspaper. So engrossed were these men with the news that they hardly felt the presence of shutterbugs clicking around them.



The newspaper vendor’s pet made for a cute click.

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A lot of shops hadn’t opened.

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The neighbourhood flower seller had just started her day.



In contrast to the near-empty roads, Hotel Janatha, an old-time V V Puram favourite, was packed. The smell of filter coffee was all over.


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The atmosphere on Vasavi Temple Street was absolutely divine and serene. The park across Vasavi Temple added to the charm of the place.

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On the street adjacent to the famous NMH (short for New Modern Hotel), someone’s pet dog sensing strangers was on a barking spree. I couldn’t get a good picture of the bundle of energy though. He was perched high up on the terrace of his home.


This old car once somebody’s prized possession was sadly lying abandoned on the road.



The click-athon at V V Puram ended with a chomp-athon at NMH 🙂



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