Book Review: A Twist in the Tale

A twist in the tale

A Twist in the Tale is Jeffrey Archer’s fantastic story-telling prowess brought to you in 12 absorbing stories. There’s never a dull moment in any of the tales. And at the end of each you will be flummoxed because the ending will not be what you imagined it to be.

Have you ever been at the wrong place and at the wrong time? Well, you’d better not be. You’ll know why after you read ‘The Perfect Murder’.

Is opening an account in a Swiss bank in your bucket list? Yes? You could take cues from ‘Clean Sweep Ignatius’.

You must have heard that marriages are made in heaven. Well, I think careers are made in heaven too! Read ‘A La Carte’ and you will agree with me.

You never know how helping someone can change your world. ‘Colonel Bullfrog’ will drive you to tears.

A Rabbi has been reading his son’s letters every day for the last 10 years but why? ‘Christina Rosenthal’ is what true love is all about.

‘Just Good Friends’ is so funny that I don’t even want to get started on it! And I don’t even want to get started on the other six stories. Grab a copy of the book and enjoy a journey of surprises!

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