10 Kinds of Office Employees

This is just a tongue-in-cheek piece with no offence meant to any kind of employee.

Every company has different kinds of employees. Here I have listed 10 such kinds. You may belong to one or more of these kinds.

1. The Punctual Ones aka the Office Gandhis
They are always at office on the dot even if there is an earthquake or thunderstorm. The Punctual Ones swipe into office at the slated time even as the Late Lateefs have their first bite of breakfast.

Some extreme cases swipe in before sunrise.

Gandhi new

2. The Late Lateefs aka the Dare Devils
They are the office dare devils. The Late Lateefs are always late even if there is a time-bomb ticking in office to decimate late-comers or a monster waiting to gobble them up. Most of them have forgotten the existence of clocks, and they have an incredible number of reasons for coming late:

(1) Traffic jam!!!
(2)Auto driver said he was taking a short route but it turned out to be longer than the long route.
(3) My dog caught my pants and wouldn’t let me go.
(4) Remembered it was my wife’s birthday at the last minute.
(5) Had to go to the bank.
(6) Barber cut my hair too short. Spent a lot of time brooding.
(7) Absentmindedly drove to my old office.
(8) Realised only in the morning that my son hadn’t finished his homework.
blah blah and blah blah

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3. Workaholics aka the Night Riders

They are a hyper-dedicated lot who are always glued to their chairs and work long after office-hours. And they have to be reminded that the clock has struck 12.

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4. The Hares aka the Speedsters

They are every company’s pride. Work or no work or sometimes even a truckload of work, the hares race ahead with their work and don’t need to slog beyond 8 hours. Lucky fellas! They are their colleagues’ envy, company’s pride!

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5. The Tortoise aka the Slow Coaches

They are the unfortunate ones who simply don’t know the knack of meeting deadlines. The tortoises could seek inspiration from the Hare and Tortoise story and maybe paste or pin up the story at their workstations.

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6. The Nosy Brigade aka the Office Detectives

They always bombard you with personal questions. What, where, how, why are some of their favourite keywords.

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7. Tenali Ramans aka the Office Jokers

They are a rare breed! If you have one in your team consider yourself blessed. Whenever you are stressed and for whatever reason, the Tenali Ramans will crack you up.

tenali raman


8. The Dostoevskys

They are long-haired, long-bearded and shabbily dressed guys who sometimes walk to office in their pyjamas. They have a high degree of intelligence. You will usually find them thinking. They sometimes go to the cafeteria and forget about the coffee on the table because they have entered into a trance.


9.  The Management’s blue-eyed gals and boys aka the Office Demigods

They are the office “smarties” or demigods and are always heaped with praises. Mails and mails are sent deifying them and their achievements.

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10. The Fashion Icons aka the Head Turners

The impeccably dressed brigade who have a great sense of style. Work stops, pens drop when they enter a room. They always turn heads wherever they go.

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