An offbeat icon

We always turn to exemplary human achievers and religious gurus for inspiration. Sachin Tendulkar has a zillion fans, the Dalai Lama is revered all over the world, a talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar draws huge crowds. Everybody wants to be a Bill Gates or Richard Branson. There are also many who deify mythological and comic characters and have pictures and posters of them all over their rooms.

Let me take a detour from the usual and instead write about an offbeat icon who a majority of us don’t even give a second look to.

The Bullock


You will see these poor animals all over the roads. Their sad eyes speak of their terrible lives. They are flogged every now and then but have to endure the pain and continue working. They have no choice. They dare not complain. And they are never rewarded. A majority of them are not properly fed. Why can’t we learn from the bullock. Why can’t we derive inner strength from him and look to him for inspiration.

If he can continue slogging in spite of all the flogging, we too can continue with life unperturbed in spite of being flogged by life’s difficulties. Likewise, your road to attain knowledge will never be hassle free. It can sometimes drive you to despair or cause you to break down. Never stop. Carry on like the bullock. He never gets rewarded but one fine day you will.

It is high time we look at the beast of burden as a source of inspiration.

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