Nurture the Tree of Success

Some time back, I was asked to contribute a write-up for a Knowledge Newsletter. I was in a fix not knowing what to write. And then Eureka! I came up with this baby piece written especially for Bangaloreans:


Hi friends,

If you look around yourself you get to see only monstrous buildings. There are hardly any trees. All those of you from Bangalore would agree that this was not the case some years back. How about starting a Green Initiative? If you have space around your home how about planting a tree sapling or at least a plant.

Don’t just stop at planting a sapling:

1. Nurture the sapling, nurture yourself too

Just as the sapling needs water to grow, you need knowledge to grow. Water your brain with knowledge. Save some time in the weekend to learn something new. One fine day, your hard work will surely pay off.

2. Protect the sapling, protect yourself too

Your sapling needs protection from pest attacks. Keep away pests. Also build a hedge around her. Just as the sapling needs protection you need to protect yourself from pests too (read as negative thoughts and negative people).

3. Always monitor the sapling’s growth and yours too

Always keep track of your baby (the sapling). As your sapling grows up you need to grow up too. Accumulate knowledge and become a reservoir of knowledge.

4. Always share

Don’t just stop at accumulating knowledge, share it. As your little sapling grows into a tree, she will become a shade giver and you will become a knowledge giver.





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