A meal for a steal!

Those of you familiar with CMH Road in Indiranagar, Bangalore would  also be familiar with Gokul Kuteera. Gokul Kuteera isn’t someone’s home nor is it a fancy hut; it is an elegant vegetarian restaurant with a homely ambience. The food served here is mostly North Indian. Named after the famous town in Uttar Pradesh where Lord Krishna spent his childhood, this restaurant is a perfect place to take your family to. The dimly-lit interiors, wooden furniture with leather-cushioned seats, ample ventilation and enough legroom and space to move around makes dining here a pleasant experience. To add to that is the efficient and courteous service. The ceiling with geometric designs in plaster of Paris adds to the charm of the place.  The restaurant also has an air-conditioned section. You can enjoy your meal even as soft Bollywood tunes play in the background.

Whenever I visit this place it is almost always to relish the mini Madras meal. This lip-smacking spread with food just in the right proportions is specially made to cater to the needs of the office-goers in the vicinity. It is easy on the pocket and costs you just 50 bucks. A couple of years back you just had to spend a meagre 35 bucks on this meal, the price having shot up recently. A thali will have three fluffy puris with an accompaniment, papad, sambar, rasam, rice and curry, curd and a dessert. And of course, there is a bowl of pickle on the table. If there are two of you, you could also order a plate of pepper mushroom fry which though a little spicy tastes out of the world. You could end your lunch by washing down the food with a glass of creamy lassi.


The mini Madras meal is only served on week days. On weekends you will  have to settle for the special meals and of course there are plenty of other dishes you could choose from.

In case you go there, happy eating 🙂


21, 1st Floor,
(above Health & Glow)
CMH Road,
Bangalore 560038

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