An early morning ride on Namma Metro

A famous spiritual leader said, “Few minutes of silence helps us to express ourselves much better”. He couldn’t have been more right. An early morning ride on Namma Metro reinforced what he said. It was a public holiday and I was greeted by silence everywhere. The station had only a couple of commuters. On most of my earlier metro journeys I have had my camera with me but the urge to click was never there. But this time it was different. I went on a clicking spree.

First it was the plush and sparkling clean interiors of the train:


Then it was a green canopy …


Followed by another:


The Oberoi Hotel with its cascading greenery looked lovely:

But what came next was an eye-sore. A concrete jungle!


The mosque at Halasuru looked radiant in the bright sunlight. An eagle hovering near the minarets added to the charm.

I look forward to more such silent journeys.



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